2021-2022 Curriculum Catalog

LIT 360 Studies in American Literature: (subtitle)

This advanced course provides students with the opportunity to delve deeply into or make broad connections between themes, authors, or questions encountered in the study of American literature. The topic of the course may be a region (e.g., the American South, Appalachia), historical or political moment (e.g., settler colonialism, the Vietnam War), literary movement (e.g., the Black Mountain Poets, the Harlem Renaissance), genre (e.g., beat poetry, American Gothic), or author (e.g., Anne Radcliffe, James Baldwin). Each iteration of the course will ask students to address questions of context as they arise through social identity, geographical location, historical era, and form.




LIT 201, LIT 211, LIT 220, or instructor permission

Course Tags

HUM; additional tags vary by offering


This course is repeatable for credit