2021-2022 Curriculum Catalog


The first question from everyone taking this class is should be: What do we do in this class? My answer is: we make stuff. In this studio course, we will explore and discuss concepts and processes related to the visual language of 3 dimensional form. Our visual investigations are not meant to result in traditional art works; they are designed as projects that expand ideas of what thinking and creating visually can be. We will investigate three-dimensional form in relation to material, time and space. We will consider fundamentals of sculpture such as material meaning, scale, process, action and site. These fundamentals are the tools through which a world of concepts may be explored. In all cases, form will be studied independently as well as its relationship to content. Students may have the opportunity to work with materials such as wire, cardboard, clay, wood, fabric and experimental media. In this course, we will work with three-dimensional form as an investigation of the visual and material world we live in. Our aim is to study and discover meaning and content from our everyday field of experience. Be prepared to think expansively.



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