2021-2022 Curriculum Catalog

VISA 400 Contemporary Collaborative Practices in the Visual Arts

Over the last four decades, a growing number of artists have adopted a mode of working that is radically different from the usual modernist model. In some cases, collaborative artists are working in traditional art world channels, but in other cases, artists are collaborating with people or groups outside the world of art. The artists often create work with, not for a community, and share decision making with people not ordinarily given a place in the world of museums or other art world sites. This work is often intertwined with progressive educational philosophies and radical democratic theory. Resultant artworks express a wide variety of social and aesthetic positions. In this studio seminar course, we will examine collaborative contemporary artistic practices and explore the various modes of methods of creative co-generation in the visual arts through study and practice. Our work will consider the relationship between process and product, the complicated circumstances surrounding authorship and the social/political implications of making work "together."




VISA 250, or VISA 280, or instructor's permission

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