HIST 330 The History of a City: (subtitle)

This courses focuses on an important urban area of the world and explores its founding, its growth and changes over time and the issues and challenges facing it today. The course may feature Chicago, Mexico City, Mumbai, Johannesburg, Paris, and other cities. An example is a course on "The History of a City: New Orleans." This course would study the history of the urban area of New Orleans, exploring such topics as the trans-Atlantic slave trade, colonization, the Louisiana Purchase, the Civil War, Jim Crow laws and race relations, and Huey Long issues and responses to them. This course also highlights the perspectives of the city's residents and the many ways they have created a lived experience of the city. This course is repeatable with different cities as subjects.




Any 100 or 200-level HIST course or instructor's permission

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This course is repeatable for credit