2021-2022 Curriculum Catalog

Academic Residency and Student Status

Completion of the requirements for the Antioch College Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree typically requires twelve academic quarters. However, a student’s transfer credit, class standing at time of entry, and pace of completion will affect the time needed. Three of the twelve quarters will be full-time work terms and nine will be study terms in residence at the Antioch College campus. The normal standards of academic progress require a student to earn 180 credits with a minimum GPA of 2.0.  

Class Standing

The total number of credits earned, including any approved transfer credits accepted by the College, determines class standing at Antioch College. Class standing may be used to determine eligibility for registration in some classes, financial aid awards, etc. The registrar determines class standing as follows:

Class Standing Credits
First Year 0 – 43 credits
Second Year 44 – 87 credits
Third Year 88 – 131 credits
Fourth Year 132 – 180 credits
 Fifth Year 181 or more credits


Full-Time Students

Students maintain full-time status by registering for at least 12 quarter credits at Antioch College or at an associated and approved off-campus study program by petition to the APRC. Students may petition for less than full-time status on a quarterly basis.

Less than Full-Time Students

A less than full -time student is one who is approved by APRC to enroll for less than 12 credit hours on a quarterly basis. A student must petition for less than full -time status by the 7th week of the quarter prior to the term during which they intend to enroll less than full-time. Petitions for Less than Full-Time Status forms are available in the Registrar’s Office.

Students who apply for less than full -time status should consult Financial Aid prior to doing so to ensure they are aware of any impacts on their federal or institutional student aid.

Full-Time Status and Block Terms

For the purposes of determining eligibility for Federal financial aid, credits attempted in the block terms are added to credits attempted in the regular terms, as follows:

  • (JA Block + Fall Quarter)

  • (ND Block + Winter Quarter)

  • Spring Quarter


For example, a student who attempts 3 quarter credits in the JA block and 9 quarter credits in the Fall quarter would be considered to be pursuing 12 quarter credits, and thus be considered a full-time student.


Note that credits attempted in a block term do not count towards determining situations of over-crediting in a regular quarter.  For example, a student who takes 4 quarter credits in the ND block and 16 quarter credits in the Winter quarter is not considered to be over-crediting.

Degree-Seeking Students

A degree-seeking student is one who has officially been accepted into a degree program at Antioch College.

Non-Degree-Seeking Students

A non-degree-student is one who is not officially accepted into a degree program during term(s) of enrollment at Antioch College. This student does not have an intention to earn a degree but wishes to take or audit a course for personal interest. This type of student is able to take or audit a course with the instructor’s permission and only if seats are available. In cases when class-size limit has been met, priority goes to degree-seeking students. Registrations for course audits will not be processed until the last day of registration in the term the student is seeking enrollment. A request to audit a class must be completed and submitted to the registrar prior to the start of the term of intended enrollment.

Other Types of Status

At Antioch College, other types of status are determined by the numerical representation of a student’s quality of performance in each enrolled course. The letter grade determines the status of a student in good or unsatisfactory standing. The status of good or satisfactory academic standing means a student has achieved a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) and a minimum 67% cumulative completion rate Unsatisfactory academic standing, or a GPA below 2.0, may result in academic probation, suspension, or dismissal (see Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for details).

Consequences of Unapproved Part-Time Status

Several college opportunities, including college scholarships, awards, positions, etc. require full-time status. With prior approval of a formal petition, students who are less than full -time may still be eligible for those opportunities that require full-time status. Any student who is registered for 1-11 credits (less than full-time status), and who does not have an APRC-approved Petition for Less than Full-Time Status, will be considered ineligible for any college scholarships, awards, positions, etc. that require full-time status. Consequently, students may be required to pay additional tuition (due to loss of scholarship), may lose a college-sponsored job, etc.

Students should contact Financial Aid to better understand the potential impact of their enrollment status on the amount of financial aid they can be awarded