2021-2022 Curriculum Catalog

Appeals of Dean of Students’ Decisions

If a student wishes to appeal a decision made by the Dean of Students, the process is as follows:

  • These appeals may address the content and consequences of a decision made by the Dean of Students.
  • Appeals should be directed to the chair of the Community Standards Board (CSB), who will convene a CSB hearing board comprised of different members of CSB than the initial hearing board. This board will be convened within a week, provided the term does not end before this is possible.
  • The party making the appeal shall appear before the hearing board and explain the reasons for the appeal. The hearing board should also seek information from the dean of community life and others with information pertinent to the decision.
  • The hearing board will decide in closed session whether or not to hear the appeal. Should the hearing board decide that no appeal is warranted, they shall so state in writing. The reason(s) for not hearing the appeal must be entered in the official record.
  • If the appeal is heard, the hearing board may uphold the decision made by the dean of community life or facilitate, according to CSB procedure, the rendering of a new decision.
  • CSB decisions regarding the appeal of a Dean of Students decision are final unless other College policies permit further action.