2021-2022 Curriculum Catalog

Name Change Policy

Student names on all official college records must reflect the student’s legal name. Students who have earned degrees at Antioch College may only change their name designation by presenting to the Registrar’s Office a court order approving the new name. There will be a $50.00 fee for the printing and mailing of a new diploma.

If you have not yet received your degree, review the following categories to determine how to proceed with a change of name.


A student who wishes to change their name because of divorce, must present to the Registrar’s Office a court order granting the divorce decree. Maiden names may only be used when authorized by the court.

All Others

You may change your name without court order by presenting to the Registrar’s Office verification of the new name. The following may be used to verify the new name: driver’s license, DMV/BMV identification card, passport, legal court document, birth certificate, or alien registration card. Documentation must be provided for all changes including the following: I, II, III, IV, Jr., Sr. or other suffix to the name; middle name or initial; or an addition or subtraction of a hyphen.