2021-2022 Curriculum Catalog

Academics Requirements and Study Options

Designed by our faculty, the curriculum and calendar allows more innovation in the delivery of disciplinary and interdisciplinary course offerings, and gives students more freedom to explore their academic interests. Students focus their degrees either disciplinarily or interdisciplinarily around an area of inquiry and choose the specific courses they will take to meet their individual academic interests and needs.

All Antioch students participate in the College’s signature Co-Op Program, which includes periods of full-time work, research, or other off-campus experiential opportunities. Students alternate study terms on campus with co-op terms according to the study-work sequence below. It is assumed that most students will study and work in the given sequence. Three co-ops are required in the new curriculum, but four are possible and encouraged. With prior planning and approval, it is possible for a student to take an additional co-op in their third year during Fall, Winter, or Spring.

Study-Work Sequence Assumed for Most First-Year Students
F W Sp Su
Year 1 S S W
Year 2 S W S
Year 3 S* S* S*
Year 4 W S S

(*See “Flex Term Notification”)

Beyond co-op, the new curriculum enhances experiential education through intentional connection with our campus assets, like WYSO, the Glen Helen Ecology Institute, the Antioch Farm, and The Antioch Review.

During the Design Your Degree course (ANTC 200), students will develop a Statement of Inquiry identifying their educational path and the courses they will take, and with the help of several advisors, they will continue to refine that statement as they progress toward their senior Capstone Project.