2021-2022 Curriculum Catalog

Additional Co-Op Option

Students may choose to enroll in an optional co-op term during any quarter of their third year of study. Please note that approval of the optional co-op is not automatic. It requires advanced planning as well as permission of the students’ advising team as well as the dean of cooperative, experiential, and international education. If this optional co-op term is to be an international and/or language immersion experience, students must meet additional requirements articulated in the policies of both the Co-Op Program and the Language and Culture Program.

Students who replace one of the study terms of their third year with an optional fourth co-op term must realize that they will have one less term in which to complete other course requirements for their degrees. By taking only the typical 15-16 credits per study term on campus, students will be one or two classes short of degree requirements at the end of the fourth year of study. Students must plan ahead to take additional classes during the first two years of study, either through over-crediting and/or taking an additional class over co-op during one of the first two co-op terms.