2021-2022 Curriculum Catalog

Curricular Focus (Optional)

A Curricular Focus at Antioch College refers to a set of courses and other educational experiences through which students explore a topic in depth. Curricular Focuses help students distinguish themselves through intensive work in a thematic area that has been defined by the faculty, typically in an interdisciplinary fashion. They are intended to enable students to follow predesigned pathways through the curriculum without inhibiting the creative process associated with the development of their Self-Designed Major.

While all focuses must include a number of classes, they may also include Cooperative Education experiences, service-learning efforts, community initiatives, artistic projects, capstone language immersions, and other experiential endeavors requiring a significant commitment of time and energy. Focuses are completely optional and not required for degree completion; however, students are encouraged to pursue these unique opportunities as they seek to define their careers and establish themselves within professional communities of practice.