2021-2022 Curriculum Catalog

MEDA 390 Special Topics in Film History: (subtitle)

Whether focused on a movement in cinema history (e.g. France's Nouvelle Vague), on a national cinema (e.g. Japanese Documentary), or on a frontier between cinema and other disciplines (e.g. Cinema and Psychoanalysis), this course will develop the student's critical vocabulary and philosophical understanding of the medium. This is primarily a history and theory course, though instructors may allow students to produce original media art rather than a research paper. Course topics will vary, but may include: The History of Documentary; The History of Animation, topics mentioned above, or others. MEDA 390 may be repeated for credit given different course topics and titles.



Cross Listed Courses

LIT 370


MEDA 290 or instructor's permission

Course Tags

ART, M; additional tags vary by offering


This course is repeatable for credit