2020-2021 Curriculum Catalog

VISA 330 Installation Art

The history and practice of installation art is one of hybridity: drawing from minimalism; conceptual art; architecture; site- specificity; land and environmental art; new media; feminist art; and others. Growing out of the collapse of a work's autonomy, medium specificity, and sense of eternal and inert matter, installation art engages the aural, spatial, visual, and environmental planes of perception. In other words, installation art engages an embodied spectator, as opposed to a spectator possessing a pair of disembodied eyes. Students may incorporate video, photography, painting, projected light, sound, and sculptural materials in works that expand the physical boundaries of art beyond the discrete object. The term will begin by investigating a particular and fairly broad history through texts and images so as to situate our explorations within a context and move into rigorous collaborative studio work.




VISA 250 or instructor's permission

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