2020-2021 Curriculum Catalog

VISA 350 Sculpture: Time, Place, and Presence

This course will further explore sculpture techniques, processes, and approaches to three-dimensional space and will include the concept of 4D. 4D introduces the idea of time based work as well as performative aspects as part of the expanding field in the Visual Arts . Students working in 4D - the "time-based" arts - create works of video, cinema, performance art, installation art, sound art, and other time-based, technology-driven and/or interactive works. As an area that emphasizes creative questioning using established and emerging technologies, students in 4D are uniquely poised to be creative, productive and successful both in the art world and other related creative industries. Students will have greater independence to develop creative approaches to complex problems and will be introduced to a wider array of traditional and non-traditional approaches to developing work within this field. Students will also develop a concise artist statement through multiple revisions. Coursework will include lectures, critiques, field trips, and studio work.




VISA 250 or instructor's permission

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May be offered concurrently with VISA 250 and VISA 450.