CHEM 160 General Chemistry II + Lab

General Chemistry II will continue your education in the basic principles of chemistry. Your education will include: Kinetic Theory, intermolecular forces, and selected solid and solution properties; chemical kinetics; simple chemical equilibrium; chemical equilibrium applied to acids, bases, salts, and solubility; theories and applications of acids and bases; thermodynamics; electrochemistry; and selected special topics (time permitting) which may include coordination compounds, nuclear chemistry, introductory organic chemistry and/or organic polymers. The material covered is equivalent to one full semester of general chemistry; together, CHEM 105 and CHEM 160 cover the same material as a standard two-semester general chemistry course series. There is a weekly lab.




CHEM 105; Pre- or co-requisite: MATH 151, or Mathematics placement test above the Precalculus level; or instructor's permission

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