PERF 165 Styles of Live Art

This art history course is a laboratory study of twentieth-century avant-garde performance styles and movements including presentational aspects of futurism, Dadaism, the Bauhaus movement, the work of Antonin Artaud, happenings, the Fluxus Movement, and diverse examples of contemporary performance art. The course examines the theoretical and historical contexts that influenced the development of these movements, their impacts upon the art of their time, and their influence upon the theoretical underpinning of today's art practices. Students will write a research paper about an aspect of the history and theory and complete a series of exercises recreating a performance from a style, artist, or era they have studied. This course is embodied scholarship in that students both create in the studio and research the performance styles from the past.




ARTS 111, or MEDA 102, or PERF 103,or PERF 140, or VISA 102

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