PERF 299 Independent Study in Performance

Students may petition an individual faculty member to guide the development of a proposed performance art project or scholarly research. Students must focus their activities in a performance related field of interest to the student and in which the faculty has some scholarly, professional, or pedagogical experience. Independent study can be completed over a period of more than one term and may include work completed during a full-time co-op term. This class is designed to give students the ability to pursue opportunities that may present themselves in a location or culture students may find themselves immersed in off-campus. Students are expected to take considerable initiative in creating the course of their study, and to collaborate with faculty regarding how they will demonstrate their learning. Offered as requested and as faculty time allows. Credits for Independent Study are determined by the following principle: students will have 3 hours of supervised independent study per week per quarter credit, or a total of 30 hours of supervised work per quarter credit distributed less evenly over the quarter than 3 hours per week.


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Two 100-level PERF courses and one 200, 300, or 400-level PERF course, or instructor's permission

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This course is repeatable for credit