PHIL 210 Comparative Philosophy

"Philosophy" is a word that traces its origin to a tradition of thinking that began in the Mediterranean region some two and a half thousand years ago. It literally translates as love or friend of truth or wisdom (philo-sophia). This course investigates "philosophy" in this tradition by placing it in dialogue with other traditions of philosophical thought, or with other modes of thinking. Readings from diverse traditions of thought and expression will be compared and contrasted in order to help understand these traditions and their particular concerns, philosophical methods, and intentions, as well as their cultural and historical specificities, and relations to other modes of thought. Particular instances of this course might compare Eastern and Western philosophies on a particular topic, or philosophy and another discipline, e.g., poetry, art, literature, history etc. In this course, students will develop a deeper understanding of at least one major philosophical topic or tradition and be able to relate and compare it with diverse philosophies or to another form of discourse.



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This course is repeatable for credit