Hallmarks of an Antioch College Education

The core feature of an Antioch College education is the attention that is paid to each student’s personal and academic growth. We commit ourselves to quality teaching and value the close relationships that come out of sustained dialogue in small group settings. The faculty, staff, and administrators of the College are all partners in every student’s journey to graduation.

At Antioch College, leadership and communication skills are built through involvement in creative projects, participation in decision-making, and engagement with the broader community. Students also learn the habits and skills necessary for success in the workplace through our dynamic cooperative education program.

The Antioch College curriculum is designed to enable students to own their educations: to take charge of their educational journeys, by designing their own majors and capstone project. Our curriculum is also designed to create students who are capable of navigating across the boundaries of language and culture, who can engage effectively in the world of work, and who commit themselves to a life of inspired curiosity. The expectation is that our students will be effective citizens prepared to act on global concerns as well as engage locally.

Our legacy stretches back 160 years. What is entrusted to us is an institution renowned for making “a profound difference” in the lives of young people—of creating “effective adults,” as Loren Pope wrote in Colleges That Change Lives.