Changing the Study/Work Sequence

Under exceptional circumstances, and after careful consideration and consultation with their advisors, a student may wish to alter their study/work sequence. They may wish to take advantage of a cooperative education opportunity that is available to them during a term when they are sequenced for a study term on campus. Or they may wish to take particular classes that are being offered during a term when they are sequenced for a co-op term. Before requesting a change of sequence, students and advisors should consider the following:

  • Classes are scheduled for student cohorts with consideration for when each cohort is going to be on campus for study term or off campus on co-op.
  • Courses that are prerequisites for required upper-level courses may only be scheduled during specific terms.

Language classes are only offered during specific terms. Missing a one class could mean having to wait a year for a student to get back on track.

If the student and the advisor agree that a change of sequence is in the student’s best interest, there are two procedures for requesting the change through the Academic Policy and Review Committee (APRC).

This is the standard study/work sequence:

Fall Term N-D Block Winter Term Spring Term J-A Block
Year 1 study study work
Year 2 study work study
Year 3 study* study* study*
Year 4 work* study study

Petition for a Change of Sequence – This form is used to submit a request to APRC for the sequence change. After consulting their advisors, the student must complete the petition and submit it to the Registrar. The Registrar will forward the petition to APRC for consideration. The student will receive a letter from the Registrar informing them of APRC’s decision. APRC’s decision is final, and cannot be appealed.

Flex Term Notification – Fall, Winter, and Spring terms of the third year, and Fall term of the fourth year are considered “flex terms.” Students may choose a work term instead of a study term, or a study term instead of a work term by submitting a “Sequence Flex Term Notification” form to the Registrar. APRC approval is not necessary. Students who wish to change their sequence during non-flex terms must submit a Petition for a Change of Sequence. Only one flex term notification is permitted per student. Any future alterations to the study/work sequence would require the submission of a Petition for a Change of Sequence.

Students who wish to be scheduled for a co-op in addition to the three required co-ops may not use this form; additional co-ops require a Petition for a Change of Sequence.